REDOX HARDCORE 90 capsules, fat burner

REDOX HARDCORE is a new, unique formula containing the patented compound Capsimax. Our product consists of innovative and proven ingredients. If you are looking for a quick solution to fight stubborn fat and you want a healthy, slim, fit figure, you must reach for Redox Hardcore.

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Capsimax® proprietary capsicum annuum extract – As an antioxidant, it helps to reduce damage to body tissues. It increases energy expenditure and improves thermogenesis. It reduces caloric intake, helps maintain a healthy lipid profile, and burns fat and carbohydrates.
Capsaicin, which has the effect of supporting both the anti-insulin resistance effect and significantly increasing thermogenesis. It comes in the form of the patented CAPSIMAX formula.

The new power of Redox Hardcore in carefully selected ingredients:

Garcinia cambogia – can help maintain a healthy body weight, additionally helps to control the appetite – maintaining the feeling of satiety thanks to the hydroxycitric acid, i.e. HCA.

Ginseng extract – helps to maintain a good mental state and helps to obtain emotional satisfaction. Additionally, it is a support for the immune system.

Rhodiola rosea – has an adaptogenic effect. It contributes to proper blood circulation and contributes to optimal mental and cognitive activity.

Indian nettle root extract – helps regulate fat metabolism and helps in weight management.

Saffron extract – helps maintain a positive mood, helps in emotional balance.

Caffeine – It can extend the time to exhaustion, which allows you to exercise longer, helps increase performance, can improve endurance, and reduce perceived exertion.

Holly leaf extract – an excellent help in maintaining a healthy body weight and helps protect against oxidative stress. Recommended in periods of overwork or weakness.

Magnesium – supports the proper functioning of the nervous system and muscles, additionally helps to maintain electrolyte balance, proper energy metabolism and plays a role in the process of cell division.

Chromium – contributes to the maintenance of normal fat metabolism. It helps in maintaining the proper level of glucose in the blood.


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