REDOX EXTREME – 90 capsules, far burner

REDOX EXTREME is a unique burning formula containing the patented compound Capsimax. Our burner is innovative ingredients, safety and effectiveness. If you are looking for a quick solution to fight stubborn fat and you want a healthy, slim, fit figure, you must reach for Redox Extreme.

Our burner contains authentic research confirming its effectiveness, and numerous metamorphoses confirm consumer satisfaction! Join them! Beat yourself, beat the fat – win the new and best version of yourself. For slimming, it’s only Redox Extreme!


Advanced CAPSIMAX technology

Capsaicin, which has the effect of supporting both the anti-insulin resistance effect and significantly increasing thermogenesis. It comes in the form of the patented CAPSIMAX formula.

The power of properly selected ingredients:
Cinnamon bark extract – Regulates blood sugar levels by showing an insulin-like effect and significantly increasing glucose metabolism.
Garcinia cambogia – Stimulates thermogenesis, which accelerates fat burning, improves glucose metabolism and increases the body’s efficiency.
Rhodiola rosea – shows adaptogenic properties, increasing the body’s resistance to stress and other adverse environmental factors.
Saffron extract – It will allow you to limit snacking between meals, reduce appetite and allow you to control your weight.
Caffeine – The strongest legal stimulant. Affects the metabolic rate. Supports the reduction of adipose tissue through a strong thermogenic effect.


It’s not everything! Now you will be able to check and save your progress in real time! You don’t have to rely only on weight! Thanks to our dedicated folding device, you can easily check how fat is disappearing from different points on your body! Find out what your fat level is now and after the Redox Extreme treatment! You cant wait? Give yourself 30 days!


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